Make Art - Don't Wait for the Muse

david paul mavia
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This is a collection of simple spontaneous musings and extended probes for those who make art and create in their respective trades.

It is the jumbled up wool that knits up a needed cardigan to warm up those who want to make a thing without distraction of contemplation.

I have used Satre’s story in one too many places but that is not intentional it just oozed out every time I typed away. Dive into this short collection because it came out as I wrote in defiance of the Muse.

The Muse was late and I needed to make art. I sat down switched on my laptop and typed word after another. Maybe the tactile warmed up the

cerebral. All in all a thing or two came out.

So get to it and start because the muse will always be late but Art must always arrive on time. Make Art, don’t wait for the Muse.

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Make Art - Don't Wait for the Muse

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